The wHw Group


We specialize in building businesses behind the business of our clients under our umbrella using brand extension methods to increase visibility. 


We are open to work with companies in a variety of industries such as technology, food & beverage, apparel & fragrance, sports & entertainment, literary arts & film.  We can create, develop, and use affective cross promotion strategies in contribution to your campaign. Bridging the gap between the clients we work alongside and their target audience using our knowledge of today’s trends and culture beyond social media gives us a unique edge in the advertising industry.


We project manage, event plan, consult national radio promotion campaigns for recording artist, tour marketing for performing artist, and more promotional related services in the entertainment industry. 

The wHw Group

The wHw Group, LLC is a management and marketing company. The wHw Group, LLC functions daily as a content creative, brand development, and brand management service group that specializes in connecting the board room to today’s cultural environment.

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We create content & curate brand extension campaigns by diversifying the connective tissue between our clients and influencers with the audience they both may share. Our understanding of world culture and it’s appropriation, maintainence of key relationships in entertainment, media, & sports, and our philosophy of swift “turn around” time gives us the unique ability to obtain positive results on our campaigns. 

The wHw Group, LLC